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Stream of SIGALRMs --> select error: Invalid Argument

From: kevin . webb
Subject: Stream of SIGALRMs --> select error: Invalid Argument
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 09:03:14 -0400

<long sob story about deleting working version of emacs not included>

I just built 20.7 on Solaris, 2.7 sparc, standard configure --with-gcc=no,
--with-x-toolkit=motif. When I launch emacs all I get is a stream of beeps
after I type or mouse-click in the gui.
I truss'd the launch and everything looks OK as far as I can see. I must be
overlooking something. I can see the error statement "select error: Invalid
argument" in a write() call when I type or mouse-click and the stream of
SIGALRMs that follow in the truss dump.

What needs to be fixed?

I am pushing this through Exceed on a PC, but I didn't have a problem with
the previous build of emacs or any other X-app. I also tried recompiling
with --with-x-toolkit=no and get the same effect when I type something in
the gui.

Thanks all,


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