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RE: mic-paren faces in new frame

From: Bingham, Jay
Subject: RE: mic-paren faces in new frame
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 13:23:21 -0700


Ok, I see what you are talking about.  When I put your initialization in my
.emacs I see behavior like you described when I create another frame.  I am
also seeing other strange behavior that you did not describe.  I entered the
following text in the scratch buffer and then created the second frame.

(This is a test)
((so is this)) [   ) 

In the second frame the bold attribute remains on for matching and the
mismatch background color remains red but the turquoise background that is
the default matching background returns, which isn't quite the way that you
described it.

Because of the experiment that I did earlier where I changed the colors
using the custom menu I am inclined to think that the way you are setting
the colors is not the preferred method.

.    COMPAQ Telecommunications
.    Austin, TX

-----Original Message-----
From: TT []
Sent: Wednesday, 23 May, 2001 10:27 a
Subject: Re: mic-paren faces in new frame

> > I've changed the color of paren-face-match and it works
> > well, but when I create a new frame, the colors are set
> > to their defaults.
> What exactly did you do to change the color?

>From my .emacs:

;; parens
(when window-system
  (require 'mic-paren)
  (set-face-bold-p 'paren-face-match t)
  (set-face-background 'paren-face-match nil)
  (set-face-background 'paren-face-mismatch "red")
  (set-face-foreground 'paren-face-mismatch nil)
  (setq paren-sexp-mode t))


P.S. It's emacs 20.7m, btw.

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