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file completion

From: Jim McCloskey
Subject: file completion
Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 13:06:02 -0700

This is GNU Emacs 20.7.2 on a Debian GNU-linux system (Debian 2.2r3,
the most recent stable version of the distribution).

I've had the following annoying behaviour for what seems like a long

In two kinds of situations: [1] situations involving filename
completion, or [2] in trying to switch to an existing buffer in a new
frame, or visit a file in a new frame, the call frequently but not
always fails and I get that most revealing of error-messages:

   wrong-type argument: stringp or numberp

What's weirdest is that on occasion, the problem will fix itself. It
did just now, for instance, so I had to try to type the error-message
from memory rather than reading it in from the minibuffer.

Sometimes (but not always), I can fix it by killing emacs and
restarting. It's the random character of the thing that is most

Is this familiar to people?  Is there anyone who can suggest a cure or
a method of trouble-shooting?


Jim McCloskey

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