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Re: jumping to a line number

From: Yehuda Bamnolker <Yehuda Bamnolker
Subject: Re: jumping to a line number
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 11:20:46 -0700


You can do:


This will bring the cursor down "num" lines ('ctrl-u 23 down-arrow' in your
case). In fact you should be able to prefix any emacs command with 'ctrl-u
count' to repeat the command 'count' times.


 > Hi,
 > I often get this sort of error when running a tcl
 > program:
 > (procedure "ipsec_start_traffic" line 23)
 > The line number given is relative to the start of
 > the procedure, _not_ to the beginning of the file
 > which contains the procedure, so using goto-line
 > doesn't apply here.
 > I can easily get to the beginning of the procedure,
 > so that isn't a problem. But then manually counting
 > down x number of lines into the procedure is tedious
 > and error-prone.
 > Is there a function/facility somewhere that I can use
 > to jump a specified number of lines from a particular
 > location? 

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