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accents mode

From: Hrafnkell Eiriksson
Subject: accents mode
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 15:45:08 +0200
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I'm using emacs 20.7 on a RedHat 7 machine (installed from 
a RedHat package). My native language is Icelandic and my
LANG is set to is_IS. Icelandic uses the iso-8859-1/Latin-1 character
set. When writing documents in LaTeX mode I have
problems with entering some characters, both characters with accents
like á, í, ó and characters like ^ and ~ that are not accents in Icelandic
but are quite fundamental in LaTeX. When I try to enter these characters
I only get a beep. Going to the 
Help->Customize->Top-Level->Editing->I18n->Iso Acc menu and set
Iso Accents Mode to on (and then saving both for current and future
sessions) solves the problem, for about 5 minutes. Then emacs seems to
have forgotten my settings and starts beeping when I try to enter
the characters I named above. Then I have to go back 
through the menu I mentioned above to be able to enter the characters.
Doing M-x iso-accents-mode does not enable the mode.
This is not a problem in text-mode.

How do I enable entering chararcters with accents and ^ ~ 

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//  TF3HR                //  "Blessed are they who go around in circles,
//                       //   for they shall be known as Wheels"        

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