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Help for a beginner with Emacs

From: Alain Glachant
Subject: Help for a beginner with Emacs
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 19:13:26 +0200

I have downloaded the Emacs manual to get more informations on Emacs configuration. This manual is, to my opinion, not easy to understand (especially for a beginner who doesn't know any thing about LISP) concerning the customization of Emacs for a particular environment : the customization part lacks of examples. My objective is to use Emacs to develop C and/or C++ programs (and to print the text), to edit texts and print them, and, to receive and send mails. I use for that a laptop running under Linux RH6.0 which is connected to an local net (mail server, postscript laser printers, PCs and UNIX stations) and to internet. My version of Emacs is : Emacs 20.3.1 (i386-redhat-linux-gnu, Xtoolkit).
I have mainly three questions :
1/ How can I do to configure the .emacs file in order to print my buffers (text of C or C++ source files, text, mails) ? I have two postscript laser printers well configured for Linux : they are called "lw5" and "dpt". Printing on "lw5" and "dpt" works well in KDE or StarOffice environments. I don't succeed to print anything under Emacs using the commands given in the manual. The Customization fails when I give "lw5" or "dpt" value to "printer-name" (same result when assigning "-Plw5" or "-Pdpt"). However, the "lpr -Pxxx" command works well in KDE or StarOffice environments. I have also tried to write "(set-variable printer-name lw5)" in my .emacs file. This leads to the error message : "Init's file has an error .. variable void : lw5". Same result for the other printer ..
2/ How can I save the editing options ?
I would like to save the editing options (Global font lock..", "Auto fill..", ...) as well as the "Debug on error" option of the C and C++ buffers for future sessions. Up to now I'm always obliged to restore them at the beginning of each session.
3/ How can I configure the mail ?
I have tried to "customize"the mail buffer (IP address, name, host server and outgoing server). When I check for mails, rmail says always that I have no mails, but kmail shows that I have got a lot ! This clearly shows that the "Customization" indicated in the manual is insufficient for the beginner (that I'm) to achieve the Emacs configuration.
Can you help me ?
Thanks for your help and collaboration.

Alain Glachant

Prof. Alain Glachant
Responsable du Groupe 5 du CRMC2-CNRS :
"Structure et réactivité de surface et films minces"
Département de physique
Faculté des Sciences de Luminy - Case 901
13288 - Marseille - Cedex 9 - France
Tél: (33) 04 91 82 91 86
Fax : (33) 04 91 82 93 05

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