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Transient Voltage Supressors Time:AM 02:47:54

From: ahp
Subject: Transient Voltage Supressors Time:AM 02:47:54
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 02:47:54

Dear, Mr. help-gnu-emacs,
Transient Voltage Supressors

SFI multilayer chip varistors handle voltage range 
from 2.5 to 60 Vrms
TAIWAN-The SFI series chip varistors offer chip sizes
from 0805 to 2220 and deal with wide-range of voltage.
The chip can be stored more than six months and the
welding time is up to five seconds.Moreover,the chips
have better resistant of humility,acid and alkalinity.

Special Features
   (1) Energy rating up to 8.8 Joules
   (2) Low inductance, fast response 
   (3) Thin layer and high precise techniques
   (4) Leadless SMD formation surface mount design
   (6) Compatible with most surface-mounting assembly
       equipment and mounting techniques

* can be designed during manufacturing according to the
  request,please contact our sales department if needed.
* if you need the detial of the TVS,please contact me.
  i will send it to your mailbox.

First Floor,NO1-20,Kuo Jian Rd,Kaohsiung,Taiwan

Sales Manager   EDDY WU
mobile NO:  0932837167

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