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Re: File encryption in emacs?

From: Jim McCloskey
Subject: Re: File encryption in emacs?
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 16:44:13 -0700

|> Has anyone created a package which allows emacs to access encrypted
|> files?  In other words, the file is stored on disk in encrypted format
|> (maybe with AES), and when I find it, emacs prompts for a decryption
|> password, decrypts it, and allows me to edit it.  Then, when I save
|> the file, it is saved in its encrypted format again.

I believe that this is what the crypt++.el package does.
You can get it by ftp from
The most recent version is 2.89 I believe (May 2001). 

It's my understanding, though, that emacs 20 has inbuilt support for a
lot of the features provided by this package. I've not used them,


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