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From: Women-Now
Subject: ---> women only
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 20:12:06

        Living Your Life To The Fullest

Do You Take Your Sexual Health Seriously?
Why do some women always experience sexual fulfillment when others fail? The excitement is that now, thousands of women are finally there, and the news is spreading.

The pressure of unsatisfied performance was reaching epidemic proportions. The failure was leading to breakups and in some cases, even divorce. Embarassment led to "faking it." But now!! A new, natural and completely safe creme is restoring sexual performance for women. "I have not had a feeling like this for fifteen years. I love it! My husband is the happiest I have seen him in years," says June, 37.

Viagra® has marched into the lives of men--seven million men used Viagra last year alone. Now women are getting the chance to receive a similar gift--a light, pleasant creme designed for females only. Clitoral orgasm through intercourse is happily yours once again--as soon as you receive by mail your one tube order or even better--your 31% savings on a twelve pack carton. The discovery is saving marriages and revitalizing all the bells and whistles of romance. "I have not had flowers for years, until now," one women said.

What is it like to enjoy maximum closeness and intimacy with your partner? Do aging and other issues have to take that away from you? Is that all you deserve? No! Interestingly enough, half of those who make the small investment to try this product are men who treat their female partner to the joy that has been a man's already.

To find out more, and how this can be yours, click on the following link. Thank you for the opportunity you are giving us to serve you.

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