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Emacs on AlphaServer running OpenVMS

From: Terry Finnegan
Subject: Emacs on AlphaServer running OpenVMS
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 13:11:59 -0400

Perhaps you could help me.

I have been trying to install the VMS version of GNU Emacs on an
AlphaServer DS20E running OpenVMS 7.2 for two weeks without success.

I downloaded the file EMACS-19_28-19970601.ZIP from
an FTP site, possibly
unzipped it on a Compaq PC, and transferred all the files to
the VMS machine using Pathworks.  (BTW, that FTP site
does not work for me anymore)

I follow the instructions, which say to run the command file
CONFIGURE.COM, but that file does not work.
It seems that instead of <carriage return><line feed>'s at the end of
each record in CONFIGURE.COM, there are only <line feeds>.
VMS chokes on this file, not even able to correctly skip over
the blank lines.  When it gets to defining symbols and the
GOTO MAIN command, it stops completely.

I have been trying to find additional information concerning
EMACS on OpenVMS, including VMS.GNU.ORG and all of
Richard Levitte's sites, but a good 95% of the sites I try to get to
are not available.

I appreciate any help you can offer, and thank you in advance.

Terry Finnegan
Senior Programmer
National Center for Juvenile Justice
Pittsburgh, PA USA

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