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Re: Remote Emacs problems after changing settings with stty still . :( .

From: Kenneth E. Fisler
Subject: Re: Remote Emacs problems after changing settings with stty still . :( ...
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 08:49:14 -0400


If all you want to do is invoke emacs on one machine to edit a file on the
other, just use the normal command for opening a file (C-x C-f) and specify the
host and path and filename like so:


If that doesn't work at all, you need to pop in ange-ftp (findable from your fav
search engine).  If it does kinda, but not totally, the remote box maybe isn't
unix, and you might have to play around with relevant variables.


Chris Seberino <> on 09/18/2001 02:03:06 PM

Sent by:


Subject:  Remote Emacs problems after changing settings with stty still. :( ...

What is the best wisdom on using Emacs remotely say
by ssh-ing to a Linux server???  I tried to redefine
some terminal settings but still had problems....

stty intr <some control sequence here>
stty eof  <some control sequence here>
..., etc.

For example,
stty -a doesn't reveal that C-i and C-j are bound
to anything but they seem to be bound to some cursor
movements.  This is just ONE of the mysteries of
making Emacs live with terminal settings.

It would be nice to just be able to turn of
ALL of the terminal settings with one nice
command in .cshrc since I do not use ANY of them.
(No I never need to use C-s and C-q either.)

Thanks in advance,


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