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automatically opening and saving encrypted files

From: aliasks
Subject: automatically opening and saving encrypted files
Date: 22 Sep 2001 15:02:20 -0400
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Apologies if this a FAQ, I've spent the afternoon researching it in

I'd like to be able to open an encrypted file, supply a password, be
able to edit the file and then when I save the file have it be encrypted
again. Just like you can do with .zip files. 

I have been poking around all day trying to find examples of how I
might be able to do this without any luck. I figured I'd use gnupg for
the encryption part. Next, I started to go the down
the crypt++ path but some comments indicated this functionality was
built into newer versions of emacs. So I figured
I could use the same mechanism that the automatically unzips and zips
files. However, I couldn't find much about that either. 

I was hoping somebody out there could help me a long. I am far from emacs/elisp 
expert and would
appreciate any pointers. 

Thanks in advance. 

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