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gnu-emacs compiled with cygwin and Xlib

From: Nicolas Brouard
Subject: gnu-emacs compiled with cygwin and Xlib
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 00:09:58 +0200


I am looking for gnu-emacs 20.7 (or later?) compiled with cygwin and
Xwindows in order to use emacs remotely through telnet with emacs -nw or
better emacs -display host:0 (emacs being installed installed on a PC under
cygwin, X11R6 and inetd).

This is a basic question, but there is no answer in any FAQ. I understood
that Xemacs could be compiled this way but what about gnu-emacs?

I tried to compile gnu-emacs with the help of a "diff" from someone who
tried to compile it some months ago. A big part of unexec.c has to be
commented out in order to compile. Has somebody been able to compile
gnu-emacs correctly. Why isn't it on the FAQ?

Nicolas Brouard

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