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Re: 'Hyperbole' - where can I find it?

From: Chris Fuchs
Subject: Re: 'Hyperbole' - where can I find it?
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 10:50:10 -0700

> on Thu,27 Sep 2001, Chris Fuchs wrote:
> > The GNU org site has a software package listed called "Hyperbole" which,
> > from its name, seems to be a means of linking text files in a hypertext
> > sort of way using emacs.  Unfortunately there is no link to this code -
> > does anyone know where I might find a copy?
> Looks like it's at
> Unfortunately the Action Key gives an error of "Wrong type argument: listp,
> 0"...

I've managed to get hyperbole working.  I made the following changes to the
Makefile: 1) set EMACS=emacs, 2) set man_dir=$(HOME)/man (which is my 'man'
directory) and most importantly 3) set SITE_PRELOADS = -l
$(HOME)/gnu/hyperbole/auto-autoloads.el 4) after this I ran 'make all-elc'
which gave the following error: Symbol's function definition is vold:
package-provide make: *** [all-elc] Error 255

Even so running emacs on the hyperbole package DEMO file indicates that it
now works.  I'll have to see whether this make error has broken anything.

It also gave a 'arch-dependent data dir' warning indicating that it could
not find the emacs/20.2/sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1 file - this would seem to
imply that Hyperbole is sufficiently platform independent and does not
require it.

Note also that nothing was placed in the $(man_dir) as a result of step 2 -
which I'll have to rectify since I will want a man page at some point.

I suppose this would qualify as a RTFM solution which should have been
somewhat obvious.  Sorry for using up bandwidth.


   "Random quotes can be most effecatious." -Anonymous

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