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Re: Highlight end of buffer

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Highlight end of buffer
Date: 16 Oct 2001 11:05:19 +0900

"Stefan Monnier <>" <> 
> Have you tried to place the overlay on the \n (and use a before-string) ?

This bug exists even if the overlay is wrapped around a string, and
affects both before-string and after-string.  Personally I think the
behavior should depend on the insertion-type of the overlay begin/end
markers, so that the cursor is displayed where any text would be
inserted.  This would result in the most natural behavior from the
user's point of view, I think.

Anyway, the fix is not trivial since some crucial information isn't
preserved during the transformation into glyphs during redisplay.

Also, the last time I opined that this should be fixed, Eli objected,
saying that it would break his planned bi-directional input; however he
never gave any actual example of how, so I'm not sure I believe this.

80% of success is just showing up.  --Woody Allen

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