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Segmentation fault during make of emacs-20.7.1

From: TRAINA, Marc
Subject: Segmentation fault during make of emacs-20.7.1
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 17:49:21 +0200

Please Help,

I have the following error during the make of emacs-20.7.1 on a DIGITAL Unix
4.0d ALPHA system.

I have done the instructions described in etc/MACHINES by configuring with
the following command :
configure --x-includes=/usr/include --x-libraries=/usr/shlib

It seems to me that I have check everything, but It still don't work...

Have you got an idea ??



LOGS of the make command :
./temacs -batch -l loadup dump
Loading loadup (source)...
Using load-path (/emacs/emacs-20.7/lisp)
Loading byte-run...
Wrote /emacs/emacs-20.7/lib-src/fns-20.7.1.el
Dumping under names emacs and emacs-20.7.1
make[1]: *** [emacs] Segmentation fault (core dumped)
make[1]: *** Deleting file `emacs'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/emacs/emacs-20.7/src'
make: *** [src] Error 2

DEBUG of the core dumped :
traina> dbx temacs core
dbx version 3.11.10
Type 'help' for help.
Core file created by program "temacs"

signal Segmentation fault at >*[__bcopy, 0x24436c6c]    ldq_u   r3, 0(r16)
(dbx) where 
>  0 __bcopy(0x121838f4, 0x14370110, 0x30000000143700f8, 0x30000000143700c0,
) [0x24436c6c]
   1 unexec() ["unexalpha.c":6, 0x12183930]
   2 Fdump_emacs() ["emacs.c":6, 0x120b19d4]
   3 Feval() ["eval.c":6, 0x1213fa0c]
   4 Fprogn() ["eval.c":6, 0x1213bebc]
   5 Fif() ["eval.c":6, 0x1213bb98]
   6 Feval() ["eval.c":6, 0x1213f704]
   7 Fif() ["eval.c":6, 0x1213bbe0]
   8 Feval() ["eval.c":6, 0x1213f704]
   9 readevalloop() ["lread.c":6, 0x12159b04]
  10 Fload() ["lread.c":6, 0x12158abc]
  11 Feval() ["eval.c":6, 0x1213fab8]
  12 top_level_2() ["keyboard.c":6, 0x120b2f5c]
  13 internal_condition_case() ["eval.c":6, 0x1213df18]
  14 top_level_1() ["keyboard.c":6, 0x120b2fbc]
  15 internal_catch() ["eval.c":6, 0x1213d884]
  16 command_loop() ["keyboard.c":6, 0x120b2e28]
  17 recursive_edit_1() ["keyboard.c":6, 0x120b2744]
  18 Frecursive_edit() ["keyboard.c":6, 0x120b2940]
  19 main() ["emacs.c":6, 0x120b0ecc]

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