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Re: finer diff

From: Roman Belenov
Subject: Re: finer diff
Date: 18 Oct 2001 10:28:42 +0400
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What package are you using to invoke diff from Emacs ? Ediff does
highlight differences in changed fragments (in your example words "this"
and "two" in first variant and "that" in second variant are highlighted).

Roman Suzi <> writes:

> Hello!
> I want to view changes between two texts with changed
> fragments highlighted. diff is good only for
> the whole lines and when lines are long it is hard to
> spot exact (literal) changes.
> Are there any tools for that in Emacs?
> (I am not even sure how to call them or I'd searched).
> For example, this line has two variants.
> For example, that line has variants.
> For example, th/is/at/ line has {-two-} variants.
> Any ideas? Or do I drop Emacs in favor of MS Word ;-) ?

                                                        With regards, Roman.

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