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Re: Emacs Mail (fwd)

From: Jim McCloskey
Subject: Re: Emacs Mail (fwd)
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 13:59:36 -0700

> I gave, I think, all the attention it deserved to the perusal of the
> chapter over Rmail, but I didn't find a word about a feature that is
> common in Pine or Netscape messenger: saving attached files. What
> can we hope?


There is a package `etach.el' which you can add to Emacs which
provides the ability to handle MIME attachments in mail and RMAIL

Once you load the file etach.el(c), the function `detach' (usually
called by typing D) in RMAIL mode saves all attachments in the current
message to the directory ~/detached .  In Mail mode, the function
`attach' will attach a file in appropriate format to the outgoing
message. (It also includes a nice utility for complaining about spam.)

The package was written by John Rulnick and I have found it very
useful indeed. The current version is, I think, 1.2.0. You can get
more information, and download the required files at:


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