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Re: LT: Great news!

From: D. Dale Gulledge
Subject: Re: LT: Great news!
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 12:15:23 -0400

oliver doepner wrote:
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> Hi,
> I am happy to see GNU Emacs moving forward this
> way. I will try it soon. Thanks for the work of
> all the developers!!
> What about the <b>Unicode</b> support ?
> I was really waiting for the MULE-UCS sort of stuff
> to become a core part of my favourite Editor. I heard
> that the internal MULE representation scheme was to
> be replaced by UTF-8 ?!

I've been using Emacs 21 for the past couple of pre-releases and I have
recently converted a substantial amount of my work from Latin-3 to
UTF-8.  The internal representation is still the same as it was.  One of
the downsides of that is that the characters from the ISO 8859 character
sets other than 8859-1 (Latin-1) have not been unified with the Unicode
characters.  Thus, the "same character" from 8859-3 (Latin-3) and UTF-8
is not the same character internally.  That causes two problems.  First,
your input mode must produce the correct characters.  I use a version of
latin-ltx that I modified to use the latin-3-prefix key sequences for
input.  The other problem is that characters from an 8859-x buffer
(other than 8859-1) and the same characters from a UTF-8 buffer don't
cut and paste.

However, I have been successfully using Latin-3 for some older stuff
(.po files from the Translation Project) alongside UTF-8 for other
files.  I have occasionally tripped myself up, but it works pretty
well.  If you have specific questions, I be happy to take a shot at
answering them.

D. Dale Gulledge, Sr. Programmer,
C, C++, Perl, Unix (AIX, Linux), Oracle, Java,
Internationalization (i18n), Awk.

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