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win or linux conditional

From: Thomas Halahan
Subject: win or linux conditional
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 20:53:08 +0200

Dear emacs users,

I use emacs at home (Linux) and work (Win 2000) and share 
the same .emacs file between the two.  However there are 
printing and Latex settings and commands for which i need 
specific settings that make .emacs non portable between my 
two machines.  Is there a platform test and an if statement 
that could set my printer (for example)

if (windows) (
        (setq printer-name "\\Laplace\HP4000_PS")
)( ; linux
        (setq printer-name "star")

this is rubbish code but i hope you get the idea.

Regards and thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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