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From: Marius Ologesa
Subject: Session
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 19:27:53 +0300

I am new on list.
I would like some things to happen on my Emacs like:

Save session -- to save a list with all buffers associated to files when
I exist Emacs. Save also the position of cursor in all those
buffers. And, when I restart Emacs to reopen those files and move the
cursor in buffer just where it was. I have been asking my local guru and
he said that he doesn't know anything about this, but if it is a useful
thing then it exists. Anyone know?

On my keyboard I have both Meta and Alt keys. Can a tell Emacs to pretend
that Alt is Meta (both to be Meta). I can change my X configuration, but
I don't want this because I have combinations with Alt and Meta outside
Emacs. Plus, in console, the Alt generates Meta.

PS. For a strange reason I don't receive mail from list only
digest. Please CC to my address, please

                      The Marius

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