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Re: Updating colors

From: Frank Hagler
Subject: Re: Updating colors
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 11:17:36 -0800

M-g M-g refontifies manually. I know you can have emacs spend a little
more processor by updating syntax highlighting more often /
automatically. I haven't looked into that yet...anyone know the proper
way to "automate" this (fast-lock,lazy-lock, or something isn't it)?

Brillant Alexandre wrote:

> Hello,
> Someone knows how to say to emacs to update the color in a major mode
> (like c, java...) due to a bad quote, unclosed comment... ?
> (I don't wish to disable and re-enable the global-font-lock command).
> Thank you,
> Alexandre Brillant
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Frank Hagler
IS&C, UC Santa Barbara

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