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Re: Grey on Grey is hard to read

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: Grey on Grey is hard to read
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 13:16:09 -0800

"Bingham, Jay" wrote:
> Bruce,
> Type C-h a colors <ret>
> You will see a list of the commands that have the word color in them.
> The first should be list-colors-display.

Thanks.  That helped.  Sort-of lost in the jumble.

> To set the font and background colors in a mode you need to read about
> the mode in the .el file for the mode.  Follow the instructions in it
> for setting the colors.  Depending on the mode it could be very easy or
> it could be more complex.  It will be easy if the variables for the
> colors are defined with a defvar construct.

I grepped for '(defun c-mode' but no luck.  Hidden spelling?
No, hidden directory.  Got it now.  It's cc-mode, as everyone
knows.  It points back to `font-lock.el' which is what
I found to be too dense to understand.

HOWEVER, I've also discovered that the colors work fine
on a white background.  Problem is, the default background
is grey.  May I make a suggestion?  :-)

Thanks! - Bruce

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