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Attn: Insurance for your next Web Disconnection!

From: Reliable Internet Services
Subject: Attn: Insurance for your next Web Disconnection!
Date: 6 Dec 2001 04:43:45 -0000

Yesterday's New York Times announced that Excite@Home may be discontinuing service to over 4 million customers indefinitely. Who's next?

There's talk that eventually they'll get plugged back on with a different service but that all of these special arrangements may take some time. If you're like me, a couple of weeks without the web would certainly become a major inconvenience.

There's a solution!

Rather than taking an unnecessary risk, why not purchase some reliable dial-up service as an insurance protection against uncertain times like these. You just might be pleasantly surprised at how much more affordable, reliable, and faster Dial-Up service has come since you tried it last.

Why not try our service? It's super fast, available nationwide, and easy to acquire, right now!

See for yourself. Visit us at:

Happy Holidays!

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