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Re: problem with background color

From: Fernando Dobladez
Subject: Re: problem with background color
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 11:39:05 -0600
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Luca Baiotti wrote:

> Hi all, I have just updated my system to RedHat 7.1 and now I have a
> problem with the background colour (in KDE): I set it to be black in my
> .emacs, but it is black only in the areas without characters. There is
> indeed a white mask under any character, which makes it difficult to see
> some of the font-coloured text.
> I suspect this may be a bug related to KDE, as it doesn't happen with

Yes, it's a "bug" on the default KDE configuration...

This is from a previous posting:


In KDE, go to Preferences/Look&Feel/Style, there's a checkbox that says "apply fonts and colors to
non-KDE apps"
If you uncheck that, it should not interfere with your Emacs (you may need to re-start KDE).

But, if you want to keep that feature turned on without interfering with your Emacs, modify the file (search in /usr/share/apps/kdisplay/app-defaults/ That's where you tell
KDE how to set the Xresources to the Emacs application.

I have the following lines commented out so that they don't change my Emacs 
!Emacs.default.attributeForeground:    WINDOW_FOREGROUND
!Emacs.default.attributeBackground:    WINDOW_BACKGROUND
!Emacs*Foreground:          WINDOW_FOREGROUND
!Emacs*Background:          WINDOW_BACKGROUND
;Emacs*font:                FIXED_FONT

In this way, KDE still changes the colors/fonts of other applications AND also some things in
Emacs (like the Menubar for example, which matches the KDE-menus colors/font).

Good luck!



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