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Re: menu-bar-mode and scroll-bar-mode

From: Allan Gottlieb
Subject: Re: menu-bar-mode and scroll-bar-mode
Date: 08 Dec 2001 20:02:12 -0500
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Nuno Mariz <> writes:

> M-x tool-bar-mode RET I put the in .emacs (tool-bar-mode), and it
> works, but (menu-bar-mode) and (scroll-bar-mode) dont work

You found a documentation bug.  The doc for menu-bar-mode

    menu-bar-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `menu-bar'.
    (menu-bar-mode FLAG)

    Toggle display of a menu bar on each frame.
    This command applies to all frames that exist and frames to be
    created in the future.
    With a numeric argument, if the argument is positive,
    turn on menu bars; otherwise, turn off menu bars.

suggests that (menu-bar-mode) is a toggle, i.e. that FLAG is
optional.  But the flag is not optional.

So what you need is (menu-bar-mode nil) to turn it off and
(menu-bar-mode t) to turn it on.


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