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Software Jobs / Outsourcing from Japan

From: Vikram Shah
Subject: Software Jobs / Outsourcing from Japan
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 9:20:25 AM +0600

Dear     Friends!,
Would  you be  interested  in Software related  Jobs/outsorcing work /Data 
entry Jobs   from Japan ?  ....    visit   and  
subscribe  yourself   for  more  information 

Japan   is  the next   Hottest destination  demanding  wide  range  of   
computer software and other skills 
As  you   are aware  Japan  with the economy    of   5000  Billion Dollars   
GNP with  a population   of    100 Million   is  the Second Largest Economy  in 
 the world  .United States  with   9500 Billion Dollars GNP and population   of 
 260 Million   is  the largest  economy  in the world  . 

Japan  has  a   fairly long way  to  go  to reach   the level   of  USA  in 
Software Technology field . There  exists   huge  potential in Japan for  
Computer  Software related  Jobs  and  outsourcing . 
Visit   and  subscribe  yourselves   for  more  

Best Wishes

Vikram Shah

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