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how many Alt behave like Ctrl in .emacs???

From: Chris Seberino
Subject: how many Alt behave like Ctrl in .emacs???
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 17:53:33 -0800
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How can I make Alt behave like Ctrl key???
I have lots of commands like C-z, C-v, etc.
and Alt-z, Alt-v would be convenient in some cases
if possible.  Can I do this in .emacs???

(I DID do a "keyboard-translate" in .emacs that
works great, but, DOES NOT WORK with -nw switch which by
passes X Windows.  Can I make all this stuff
be X Windows indepedent so works w/ and w/o -nw somehow???)

Thanks in advance,

| Dr. Christian Seberino  || (619) 553-7940  (office) |
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