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In reply to: LaTeX mode question

From: Luis O. Silva
Subject: In reply to: LaTeX mode question
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 10:59:16 +0300

Dear Douglas,

Douglas Lewan writes:

 > ...My wish list would consist of [at least] the following:
 > - Default indentation.  This should cover at least nested '{}' pairs and
 > environments within environments.  Nestable structures that I don't yet know
 > would certainly be nice too.
 > - Single keystrokes for common constructs (like environment definitions).
 > Not only would this save a bit of work, but it would ensure more
 > consistency.- Table layout assistence would be nice.  (Although given the
 > variety of tabular environments, I'm not sure how sensible that would be.)
 > ...

It seems to me that all that you need is provided by AUC
TeX, the comprehensive customizable integrated environment for           
writing input LaTeX files using GNU Emacs.

I'm not sure whether the following link is up to date, but
you can try it.

Best regards,

Luis Octavio Silva P.
St. Petersburg State University.
66/3 Botanicheskaya St., Apt.119/2
Stary Peterhof
St. Petersburg, Russia.

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