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Re: finding matching braces.

From: Michael P. Soulier
Subject: Re: finding matching braces.
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 12:02:28 -0500
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On 23/12/01 Subhakar K S did speaketh:

> Is it possible in emacs to find a matching (opening /
> closing ) brace of a block in C++ code.
> In vi, I can use SHIFT-% to toggle between the 
> opening and closing braces of a code block.
> void some_func( void )
> {-->opening brace.
>    // do something;
> }--> closing brace. SHIFT-% will take me opening
> brace
> Is this possible with emacs.


Remap the % to do this if it's sitting on a parenthesis, and to call
self-insert-command otherwise. Granted, this means you'll never be
able to insert a % in front of a parenthesis without extra keystrokes,
but how often does that happen?

;; for simulating Vi's % capability
(defun match-paren (arg)
  "Go to the matching paren if on a paren; otherwise insert %."
  (interactive "p")
  (cond ((looking-at "\\s\(")(forward-list 1)(backward-char 1))   
        ((looking-at "\\s\)")(forward-char 1)(backward-list 1))
        (t (self-insert-command (or arg 1)))))


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of nerd-like effort."  -Harley Hahn, A Student's Guide to Unix

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