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Dired Z command

From: G Anna
Subject: Dired Z command
Date: 26 Dec 2001 20:49:51 +0530

Dear All,

How do we specify the compress program that is used?  Do we have to
set any variables?

This is the error I get.

gzip ("-f" "c:/emacs/emacs-20.7/info/COPYING")
Failed to compressc:/emacs/emacs-20.7/info/COPYING
Failed to compress or uncompress 1 of 1 file
        Wed Dec 26 20:43:22 2001        Buffer `info'

I don't have gzip on my machine.  But I have the "zip" program.  I am
working on Windows ME.  [ I am not subscribed to this list.  So do
reply to my e-mail address. ]

Thanks in advance.



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