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Attention: CIBRES Grant Opportunity

From: Service
Subject: Attention: CIBRES Grant Opportunity
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 18:03:55 -0500

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CIBRES Announces New E-business Certification Program (CIEB) 

CIBRES Guarantees CIERP Certification 

CIBRES "ERP For Dummies" is now shipping

(Reno, NV Feb 7-9)
(World Wide Feb 13)
(San Fran., CA, Apr 4-6)
Understanding ERP does not take a wizard, but just in case, we have one standing by.

Dear Professional,

The CIBRES organization ( ) administers grants to universities for educational advancement of professors and students seeking education in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) related topics. We invite an educational institute from the local area where we will be conducting a seminar. Our next certification seminar will be in Reno on Feb 7, 8, 9 2002.

We are looking to award a grant that will cover all seminar expenses for TWO professors and TWO students from the area. The grants will be awarded on a first some first serve basis. If you are interested in applying for this grant please send your biographical data to

For Teachers: 

Information to include in your biographical data may include:

  • Teaching experience and area
  • Professional certifications and degrees
  • Membership in professional societies or organizations
  • Publications in the form of books or articles
  • Research projects

For Students: 

Information to include in your biographical data may include:

  • Prior work experience
  • Professional certifications and degrees
  • Membership in professional societies or organizations
  • Major
  • Expected date of completion

Thank you for your interest in the CIBRES organization.


Dear ERP Professional:

The CIBRES organization ( will be sponsering an ERP certification (CIERP) seminar in Reno NV on Feb 2, 8, 9 2002.

CIERP standing for Certified Implementer of Enterprise Resource Planning. The certification ensures that the basic skill sets necessary to successfully implement and maintain an ERP system are present.  These people have the clear distinction of having the best understanding of the people, processes, and technology to make ERP systems successful. Upon
successfully passing the certification the participant will be legally certified by the CIBRES organization to use CIERP after their name.

A wide variety of people find the CIERP certification valuable for career advancement and company growth. Some positions include:

+ Project Managers
+ Consultants
+ ERP Team Members
+ End Users
+ Senior Management
+ Functional Managers
+ Students
+ Implementers
+ Help Desk Support

The need for CIERP Certification

+ ERP professionals  need certification for effective recognition and career advancement. The CIERP certification places ERP professionals ahead of their competition allowing their company to recognize them for the important knowledge and capability that they contain. These certified professionals will learn of a host of different tools for obtaining important information on ERP systems, the industry, and new technologies. Many CIERP professionals become change agents and educators spreading the word on basic concepts, making their company and others successful in ERP.

+ Companies  need the capability to understand critical decisions that will impact a company's successful implementation and use of an ERP system. For every dollar  invested in fundamental education in an ERP system over 1000 dollars can be saved in expensive ERP projects that either fail or perform poorly. Most ERP systems fail because management was lacking in fundamental concepts that make ERP systems successful. As ERP team members learn basic concepts of ERP systems they gain a better understanding of how an ERP system integrates with a company's business process flows. They will be
able to implement an ERP system faster and cheaper, placing their company ahead of the competition. With 60 to 80 percent of all ERP systems failing or not meeting expectations, few companies can afford not to use certified ERP professionals.

Benefits of CIERP Certification to Professionals

+ Understand basic concepts and designs of ERP systems
+ Recognize functional modules within an ERP system and their purpose
+ Organize the sequence of events in an ERP implementation
+ Develop ERP teams for an effective ERP implementation
+ Utilize effective transition strategies from legacy systems to new systems
+ Determine the best techniques and methods for performing data conversions
+ Establish prototyping and testing for reliable ERP installations
+ Identify the proper classification of a company's use of an ERP system for process improvement
+ Management of the process of change during and after an ERP implementation
+ Properly manage and utilize expensive ERP consultants
+ Organize and conduct project planning sessions for long range planning
+ Utilize TQM (Total Quality Management) principles for overall better performing ERP systems
+ Perform ROI (Return on Investment) calculations for ERP justification strategies
+ Understand the critical integration relationships between functional modules
+ Recognize how Internet technology is affecting ERP systems and important business process flows
+ Use important diagnostic and measurement techniques for tuning systems for peak performance
+ Develop a complete understanding of terminology used in the ERP industry
+ Publishing opportunities through the CIBRES organization.

Benefits of CIERP Certification to Companies
+ Streamline business process flows through the effective integration of people, business process flows, and technology
+ Lower cost and faster implementation times
+ Ensure adequate return on investment for expensive systems
+ The capability to utilize ERP concepts and principles to facilitate and manage complex corporate change
+ Create successful implementations and maintenance for ERP systems

More information on the CIERP certification:

+ For all general information on the CIERP certification visit:

+ Find common questions and answers about the CIERP certification.

+ Hear what people have to say in their book reviews on the CIERP preparation textbook..

+ Here what people have to say in their seminar and exam reviews on the CIERP preparation textbook..

+ The CIERP certification is available cities across the United States and most foreign countries. Over 3500 testing sites are available.
To see a find a testing center near you  click here. (loads slow)

+ Check what people have to say on  CIERPserve , an electronic email list server.

+ The general public can see a list of individuals that have earned the CIERP certification..

+ Specific answers to questions may be obtained by email by writing to:

+ To be sent updates on the CIERP certification program by email write to placing "ADD CIERP" to your subject line.

Registration and questions can be done online at or by contacting Beth DePopas at 1-866-2-CIBRES (1-866-224-2737 Toll Free) from 9 am to 4 pm eastern standard time. Payment may be done by credit card or check.

Item       Description                                                 Price
5           CIERP Seminar (Reno)                                $574.00
6           CIERP Exam    (Reno)                                 $230.00
For additional details on these products and educational opportunities

What is the CIBRES Organization? CIBRES is the fastest growing professional development organization in the world providing:

  • ERP certification 
  • E-business certification
  • Training seminars
  • Job placement services
  • Networking activities
  • On-line resources
  • Free associate memberships (link)

Since its formation in Jan, 2000 the company has grown to 78,000 worldwide members. Are you being left behind? You have many options to advance your career through educational institutes and professional development organizations, but will they back up their certifications or degrees with a guarantee? Now you can see the advantage of CIBRES.

ERP Certification Program (CIERP)--------------

CIERP standing for (C)ertified (I)mplementer of (E)nterprise (R)esource (P)lanning. The proven certification ensures that the basic skill sets necessary to successfully implement and maintain an ERP system are present. These people have the clear distinction of having the best understanding of the people, processes, and technology to make ERP systems successful.  More info link.

CIBRES CIERP Certification Seminar (link)
  • Reno, NV 
  • Feb 7-9
  • $574 seminar
  • $230 exam
  • Openings are still available 

The CIERP certification program now comes with a guarantee. For more information follow this link.

CIBRES Publications --------------------------------------------

  ERP: A-Z Implementer's Guide For Success

What has become the best selling book for its category for the last 13 months on Answer: "ERP: A-Z Implementer's Guide For Success". To find out why follow these links to read all the amazing reviews:

Customer Service-----------------------------------------------

Contact us
If you wish to contact a CIBRES representative to discuss seminars or certifications use the contact form on
the CIBRES website.

For additional information about
CIBRES  organization visit the CIBRES website at 

б╘ 2002 by CIBRES.COM. All rights reserved.

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