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Re: Emacs 20.7 for Windows

From: Lars Kristiansson
Subject: Re: Emacs 20.7 for Windows
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 18:23:29 +0100

Hi, and thanks for reply.

I did post this question to, but so far no-one has bothered to

I had a mail-conversation with Andrew Innes a few years ago, and he helped me
out with some technical issues. This is one of those technical issues I guess he
would have an answer to. I do some hacking with my wife-s Acer laptop, on which
this double-mouse-button-pasting function works. I also have fiddled around with
the _emacs file, but nothing would make this function work on my Aptiva.

I include in the receivers list above, and hope for the
best one other time.

Best Hacker New Year wishes: Lars Kristiansson, Sweden

GNU General Contact Address wrote:

> What newsgroup did you try?  You should send this question to the GNU
> Emacs users' mailing list:  This is gated to
> the news group  You can subscribe to the mailing list
> by sending the word "subscribe" to the address
> But if you already tried that, I'm not sure where else you could ask.
> Perhaps you can hire someone to help?  You can find people who are willing
> to work on Free Software in our GNU Service Directory
> (, or you could list the job on our job
> page (
> You can find a complete list of our mailing lists and newsgroups on
> our web site at
> Good luck and happy hacking!
> On Sun, Dec 23, 2001 at 11:41:28PM +0100, Lars Kristiansson wrote:
> > This is the wrong place to ask this question I know, but I didn't get
> > any answer on the news group, so I thought maybe someone could help me
> > out, or send this on to somebody inclined to answer.
> >
> > When working with Emacs 20.3 at UNIX the middle mousebutton pastes the
> > copy buffer wherever the mouse points. I know there is a similar
> > function for Emacs 20.7 for Windows, one just uses both buttons
> > simultaneously. This function is however disabled in my Emacs, and I
> > have failed to find this variable. Could anyone help me?
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
> >
> > Lars Kristiansson Sweden.
> >
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