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emacs: Cannot open load file: term/x-win

From: Zhou, Jingchen
Subject: emacs: Cannot open load file: term/x-win
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 12:08:12 -0800

I have downloaded a precompiled emacs (emacs-21.1-sol8-sparc-local)
from for Solaris and  installed it (plus all the
other packages  in /usr/local on
a Solaris machine. The installation went fine; however,  the execution of
 from any xterm failed. The error message is

 %printenv DISPLAY
 cdntwks7:0.0  (my NT desktop)
Cannot open load file: term/x-win

 Interestingly, If I
  %unsetenv DISPLAY
  it works fine from command line, but no x window.

More interestingly, if I run the emacs from a Solaris workstation console,
the emacs works fine and come up with x window.

How can I run get emacs to work from a xterm?

 I appreciate your help.

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