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Re: cut-and-paste question

From: Chuck Siska
Subject: Re: cut-and-paste question
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 10:06:09 -0800

lars --

to overwrite, try this in your .emacs or _emacs file (or type
M-x delete-selection-mode):

;;; Turn on replace-region mode so that yanking (or typing) will replace
;;; a highlighted region.
(delete-selection-mode 1)

-- chuck

> Lars Gustafsson wrote:
> Is there a way of making Emacs over-write a marked region when paste is used, 
> the way XEmacs is configured. In other
> when you mark a region, press M-w, mark another region and press C-y the 
> region that was copied will appear where the
> cursor is. The region which was marked later will not be over-written in 
> Emacs but in XEmacs it will.
> Another question: I downloaded the latest version (xemacs-21.4.5-windows) of 
> XEmacs and installed it but there is no
> c-mode, c++-mode or java-mode. Is there a version that has that, or what did 
> I do wrong?
> Regards, Lars

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