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Re: A portuguese ispell dictionary in EMACS

From: Marcelo Dias de Toledo
Subject: Re: A portuguese ispell dictionary in EMACS
Date: 21 Jan 2002 16:18:09 -0200
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(load-library "ispell")
(setq ispell-dictionary-alist
("-B""-d""br") "~tex"iso-latin-1)
(setq ispell-dictionary "br")

install brazilian portuguese package for ispell. good luck.

Fernando Rangel <> writes:

> Hello,
>     I've been using EMACS for a while, frequently to type english and french
> texts. But yesterday I had to write in  portuguese and of course had a need
> to verify the spell.
>     I have aspell dictionary installed  on my system and after having a trip
> around the web, I was advised to use the following lisp commands in my
> .emacs file.
> (setq ispell-dictionary-alist
>       (cons '("br_pt"
> "[A-Za-z\300\301\302\303\307\311\312\315\323\324\325\332\334\340\341\342\343
> \347\351\352\355\364\365\372\374]"
> "[^A-Za-z\300\301\302\303\307\311\312\315\323\324\325\332\334\340\341\342\34
> 3\347\351\352\355\364\365\372\374]"
> "[---]" nil ("-B" "-d" "br_pt") "~tex" iso-latin-1)
>             ispell-dictionary-alist))
> Unforntunattely, nothing has passed (of course  I ask emacs (in .emacs) to
> use aspell as spelling tool.... All solutions found use similar technique
> and don't work either.
>     Any help is welcome.
> Thanks,
> Fernando

Marcelo Dias de Toledo
Mobile: 55 71 9141-7181

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