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Should modeline look like this? and other oddities

From: Kalyan K. Mukherjea
Subject: Should modeline look like this? and other oddities
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 12:21:22 +0530 (IST)

Hello everyone,
        I recently got myself the Emacs-21.1 distribution from and 
compiled it on a Red Hat 7.2 machine. Emacs-20.7 was already installed. 
After a few attempts to uninstall this (rpm -e emacs-20.7) and being told 
that emacs-20.7 was not installed (it had been installed with the RH 
distribution rather than from an rpm source) I just went ahead and 
compiled Emacs-21.1 with leim-21.1. There are some oddities I am noticing, 
mainly to do with font-lock highlighting of LaTeX files. These probably 
arise from obsolete code: I have gotten the latest versions from Peter 
Galbraith. But while looking around for what was wrong I discovered a 
strange phenomenon:
My modeline looks like this:
"buffer name"  "time" "Mail" (Major mode) "line-no." "column no." "All"

the last is, of course, dependent on the size of the buffer contents.

Does this mean I am perenially in Mail mode? I ask because in a LaTeX file 
if I put the cursor in the middle of a math mode expression, say
"$\log f(x)$" (the point is at the 'o' of log and do
M-x list-text-properties-at I usually get "none" in the echo area. But if 
I have visited a customize-face buffer earlier in the session then I get 
the correct "font-latex-math-face".

What is going on? Sorry for the long-winded posting.



PS: I am working under X. 

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