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Re: Should modeline look like this? and other oddities

From: Peter S Galbraith
Subject: Re: Should modeline look like this? and other oddities
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 09:32:33 -0500

>       I recently got myself the Emacs-21.1 distribution from and 
> compiled it on a Red Hat 7.2 machine.

>                                     There are some oddities I am noticing, 
> mainly to do with font-lock highlighting of LaTeX files. These probably 
> arise from obsolete code: I have gotten the latest versions from Peter 
> Galbraith.

V0.800 from ?

It's not obsolete.

>            But while looking around for what was wrong I discovered a 
> strange phenomenon:
> My modeline looks like this:
> "buffer name"  "time" "Mail" (Major mode) "line-no." "column no." "All"
> the last is, of course, dependent on the size of the buffer contents.
> Does this mean I am perenially in Mail mode?

No, it means "You've got Mail".

>                                              I ask because in a LaTeX file 
> if I put the cursor in the middle of a math mode expression, say
> "$\log f(x)$" (the point is at the 'o' of log and do
> M-x list-text-properties-at I usually get "none" in the echo area. But if 
> I have visited a customize-face buffer earlier in the session then I get 
> the correct "font-latex-math-face".

Are you using Emacs' latex-mode or AUC-TeX?

If AUC-TeX, this version of font-latex.el is tailored to work with the
development version of AUC-TeX.  If you are using it with AUC-TeX
version 10.0g or less, you will need to insert this code near the end of
the font-latex.el file:

 (add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook 'font-latex-setup)

To know if you are actually using font-latex, look at the variable
font-lock-defaults while in latex-mode.  You should see mention of
"font-latex-keywords font-latex-keywords-1 font-latex-keywords-2" in the
Peter Galbraith

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