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Re: Word wrap

From: Peter S Galbraith
Subject: Re: Word wrap
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 14:54:59 -0500

> I am editing content in an HTML file (or an email, for that matter).
> I decide to go back and change around a paragraph, add some stuff, take
> out stuff, whatever. 

>                    then I wind up with ragged lines

>      > If I type email, I use line breaks.
> What if you are writing a longer email, and want to go back and change
> stuff (see above)?  Lines become ragged and if you change something
> early in a paragraph, you have to correct more carriage returns.

Sounds like you want to fill-paragraph, bound to M-q.  Of course, it
helps if the major-mode you are using set it up appropriately.

Or am I missing something.

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