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design and technology that works

From: Manish Gajria
Subject: design and technology that works
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 16:35:08

  Your design agency or technology partner has missed your deadline, created substandard applications, produced poor artwork and is clueless about strategy. To add to your woes they don't even understand your business objectives, brand, competition and target audience.
      Well, you either skip town before the next review meeting or partner with Multimedia Studio. An experience design company, Multimedia Studio has proven itself time and again to clients such as Mercedes Benz, Dresdner Bank, Prudential, IBM, Motorola, Wipro Technologies, MindTree Consulting, 24/7, Ittiam systems and EuroRSCG to name a few.

Our Methodology
Believe it or not, creativity and innovation adhere to structure. Being organized helps focus on the big picture, which is the reason we have a systematic process in place that includes defining the job to following-up after delivery. Setting goals, achieving them and keeping the clients informed and involved from start to finish helps make the solution unique and powerful.

  Know how it works

  For The Changing Business Environment
At Multimedia Studio we strongly believe and understand that businesses are about building relationships with their stakeholders – customers, employees, partners and investors. Relationships are built by communicating and interacting with these target groups, creating positive experiences for them over a period of time. Businesses communicate and interact through various channels like print, Web and other interactive media. Yet while creating collaterals, presentations, Web sites, intranets and so on, the underlying business objective remains unchanged – To create consistent and positive experiences.
  Our Work
A company is constantly judged by the work it produces. This is where its philosophy, methodology and culture are wrapped in one statement. See the versatility, style and powerful experiences embodied in the Multimedia Studio portfolio.

To view our online portfolio in part click here.
  Our practice areas, from identity to content strategy, design to technology, merge into each other. At Multimedia Studio creative design is skillfully integrated with technical acumen and business strategy to come together as result oriented solutions. Based on our model of communication, interaction, experience, each media is part of a cohesive package. One that consistently brings customers to your company, value to your brand, clarity to your messages and ease-of-use to your applications, spawning the desired results as intended. This way we help our clients generate consistent and functional experiences, based on their business strategy, leading to a competitive edge and an enhanced bottom line.  
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