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WORLDS FIRST Player vs Player Blackjack

From: P2Pblackjack
Subject: WORLDS FIRST Player vs Player Blackjack
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 15:26:26


NEW 25 cent tables!

Blackjack Shack eliminates the traditional casino House and transfers the House advantage to players. Players compete in one-on-one sessions against each other and never play against the House. Our game is similar to a poker room where the House only serves as host and never competes against players. This is the only blackjack game in existence where player skill determines the advantage. Success is measured by how well you play, not how lucky you are.

Test our game today and you'll see why we have the most fair and credible blackjack game on the planet.

Come join other blackjack enthusiasts from all over the world and play for fun or for real money.

"Highly recommended" -

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