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Re: tab key

From: Rafael U. C. Afonso
Subject: Re: tab key
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 16:02:42 -0200


        I think that tour answer is in c-mode costumization. Go to
Options->Costumize Emacs->Browse Costumization
Groups->Emacs->Programming->Languages->C. There is several options to
        I am having problems with tab key in C (Java) Mode. First I want not
tab characters but spaces characters instead. In C Group costumization
there is "C Insert Tab Function" Option. Its value is " insert-tab". I
believe that here I can substitute tab character to space character. But
if I write "insert-space", Emacs does not accept. What value must I
        Another problem is that automatic indentation has size 4. But I want 2.
How do I change it?


        Rafael U. C. Afonso

Steve Szabo wrote:
> hi - i'm trying to set the tab key size by adding:
> (setq default-tab-width 2)
> at the end of my .emacs file but it looks like the
> java-mode ignores this line or uses its own value
> of 4 chars
> how can i set the tab size for java-mode?
> thanks
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