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Boost Your Sales with Benefits Oriented Ad Copy 1464034

From: address@hidden
Subject: Boost Your Sales with Benefits Oriented Ad Copy 1464034
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 12:37:03 +0900 (KST)



Dear business owner:

There's nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on a new advertising campaign only to discover that your buyers were turned off by your message.

In today's brutal market every word needs to be measured for impact. At every turn, you need to ask yourself: How can I keep my prospect reading to the end? How can I convince my reader to part with his or her money?

Find out how to generate compelling, persuasive advertising now by calling toll-free at (one-eight-hundred) 228-0631. Or click here to send us an email.

It takes a real wordsmith and marketing professional to create the type of sales-generating ad copy that'll convince your clients to buy.

Here's why:

Marketing pros know that effective business communication cuts through the clutter by addressing the customer's needs instead of simply listing product features. Showing customers how they can benefit from doing business with you is what's known as "benefits-oriented selling."

Your customers want to know "what's in it for me?" It's one of the most basic principles of human behavior. Benefits-oriented advertising is all about answering this question, leading to stronger interest in your offerings. And bigger profits for you.

I'm a professional copywriter. I've helped small, medium, and large-sized companies generate superior results from their advertising and promotional campaigns by creating clear, concise, benefits-oriented advertisements, sales letters, brochures, Websites, and more.

I'll help you boost sales and profits by delivering the persuasive advertising messages your business needs. For a small fraction of what an ad agency or even a full-time staff writer would charge. I'll help you maximize sales of your products and services by writing hard-hitting...

DIRECT RESPONSE MESSAGES - Direct selling via sales letters and emails is one of the most effective uses of advertising dollars. It lets you speak directly to your customers, delivering a targeted message that addresses their needs

PRINT ADS - Even with radio, TV, and the Internet, print advertising is definitely not dead. Readers who need your product or service will read every word of your print ad... IF it's well written!

WEB SITES - The Web is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to give your customers and prospects complete information on your company's products, services, special offers, and so on. Include your Web address in your ads, on your business card, and in your yellow pages listings so that your prospects can find out all about your business . . . 

BROCHURES - Brochures are still an excellent way to provide general information on your business or specific information on a product, service, or promotion. They're perfect for point-of-purchase displays, and they're also ideal for dropping in the mail...

... and much more. 

In the current economic climate, competition for customers is brutal. Create a competitive advantage for your company by giving your customers clear, compelling reasons to do business with you.

Call toll free at (one-eight-hundred) 228-0631 and learn how your company can benefit from professionally written advertising and promotional messages. Or click here to send us an email.

Respond before Feb. 15 and get a complimentary copy evaluation. Simply send an email or write/call to arrange sending your copy (no attachments here, please).

I look forward to helping you boost your sales and profits!



Dave Bolick


(Eight-hundred) 228-0631

Don't need copywriting services--{take me off the list}

p.s. Do any of your friends or associates need copywriting help? Give them my number, and I'LL PAY YOU A 10 PERCENT COMMISSION on every dollar I ever make from them. Be sure they have your name and address to give me so I can send you your checks! This is a serious offer. I love writing commission checks because the more money I send you, the more often you'll think of me when people ask you, "Hey, do you know of a good copywriter?"

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