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New Aviation Reference Site

From: Aviation Reference Desk
Subject: New Aviation Reference Site
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 13:47:59 -0800

Introducing Aviation Reference Desk  

Aviation Reference Desk is a new, FREE online resource for Aviation 
and Aerospace professionals and enthusiasts.  Check us out at  You will find no advertising, no 
popups,  no registration -- just quality reference sources.

We initially designed this site for our own use, wanting an online 
resource with:

--> Moderated links - This means that we strive for quality and not
quantity in our linked resources 

--> Single level menu structure - Resources are easy to find with
minimal navigation 

--> News we need to get our job done - While we have plenty of links
for the aviation enthusiast, we have focused much of our time making 
the site useful to the aerospace professional 

On our site, you will find resources in the following categories:

+ Business Tools and General Reference
+ Aviation News
+ World and Business News plus Weather 
+ Commercial Aviation 
+ Business Aviation 
+ General Aviation 
+ Defense and Space 
+ Travel Aids and Flight Tracking 
+ Aviation Employment 
+ Engineering Resources 
+ Suppliers and Manufacturers 
+ Aviation Enthusiast Resources 

Please visit us at, or 
more easily at


If you received this email by mistake and would like to be 
removed automatically from out mailing list, please click 
on the link below and hit send in your email program:
Make sure that "unsubscribe" is in the subject line
If the link does not work, open your email program and paste 
"" into the "To" line and
"unsubscribe" into the subject line (both without quotes) and send.**

** By the way, while there are sites that use this type link just 
to prove you exist and then sell your name to others, we won't.  
If for some reason you continue to receive email from us after using 
the procedure above, send a complaint / nasty note / flame to and we will remove you by hand.

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