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Re: message-citation-line-function

From: Alexander Koptelov
Subject: Re: message-citation-line-function
Date: 03 Apr 2002 16:37:09 +0400
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>>>>> "GA" == G Anna <> writes:

    GA> Dear All, I would like to have a custom message-citation-line-function.
    GA> Instead of having a single line like,

    GA> Hallvard B Furuseth <> writes:
    >> yanked message follows...

    GA> I'd like to have

    >> Date: ....  From: ....  Subject: ....
    >> yanked message follows...

    GA> Where "> " is the message-yank-prefix.

    GA> Can anybody help?  Or any pointers?

You should redefine `message-citation-line-function' variable in appropriate
manner (i.e. it should fetch from original article all headers you need and
`insert's it). May be anybody already did it? I didn't =)

    GA> Thank you all for the time.

    GA> Cheers, anna
    GA> --

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Alexander Koptelov
Institute for System Programming, Russian Academy of Sciences
icq:    36208499

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