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Re: Highlighting whitespace at EOL.

From: Chuck Siska
Subject: Re: Highlighting whitespace at EOL.
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 10:40:44 -0800

murray --

if all you want to do is remove them, there is a simple "command"
to do this:  C-c i C-c C-c.  i use this extensively working with 
funnelweb source code, which doesn't like trailing whitespace.
this is actually two separate commands.  the first, C-c i, enters
picture-mode and the second, C-c C-c, exits it.  it is exiting
picture-mode which does the trailing whitespace removal.
good luck.

-- chuck

Murray Stokely wrote:
>   I'm interested in writing a minor mode for marking up man pages with
> the mdoc macros.  One of the things I would like to do is have
> whitespace characters at the end of a nonblank line show up in a
> different color, so I can easily notice (and remove) these stray marks
> (which can easily be done with a macro, but thats not the point).
>   I don't need to setup a syntax table for something so trivial, do I?
> Is there a good example minor mode to help learn some of this stuff?
>    - Murray

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