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Re: Problem with colors in emacs

From: Greg Hill
Subject: Re: Problem with colors in emacs
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 14:12:26 -0700


Try using M-x customize to set the value of your Default face (under Faces, Basic Faces) to white on black, and save it for future sessions. This will put something like

 '(default ((t (:foreground "white" :background "black")))))

in your .emacs file.


At 12:04 PM -0700 4/10/02, Dimitar Haralanov wrote:
        Hi all,

        I have been having a problem with emacs and its colors. I upgraded to
versoin 20.7.1 and that is when it started happening. Unfortunately,
along with emacs, I upgraded quite a few other packages, so I am not
sure whether the problem isn't in one of them.  I have attached a couple
of screen shots so you can see what is happening. As you can see, if the
text does not have coloring it appears on a white background.   Here is the
command line that I am using:   emacs -fn 6x13 -bg black -fg white -cr red -ms

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