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Opal-RT Simulation Newsletter, Vol. 11

From: newsletter
Subject: Opal-RT Simulation Newsletter, Vol. 11
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 11:01:48 -0400

Dear Colleague

I understand that you are involved in the simulation of dynamic systems, particularly for developing control systems. I thought you might be interested in what Opal-RT Technologies can offer you.

If you need to run simulations in real-time for hardware-in-the-loop applications, Opal-RT provides all the products and services you need to deliver hard-real-time performance for the most complex MATLAB/Simulink or MATRIXx/SystemBuild models.

I have included a copy of our latest Simulation newsletter, which outlines some of the developments in this growing area. I hope you find this of interest.

If you wish to receive further information from us, please register at our web site at This will also give you access to our protected "Downloads" section where you will find extensive technical information to help you with your real-time projects.

Best regards

Paul Goossens
VP Marketing
Opal-RT Technologies Inc.

Opal-RT Simulation Newsletter, Vol. 11

Welcome to the Simulation Newsletter, the way for control engineers and simulation specialists to stay up-to-date with new simulation and control technologies.

This Newsletter was sent to you because our database indicates that you want to be informed about new simulation and control technologies. If this is not the case, please accept our apologies and reply to this email with the word 'unsubscribe' in the reply's subject line.

Topics for this month are:

Special Feature:

  • Introducing SYMOFROS: Mechanical Systems Simulation for Real-Time Dynamics Modeling and Control Systems Development

Help us to define the ideal mechanical systems analysis tool and you could win a Digital Camera!

Opal-RT News

  • National Instruments and Opal-RT Advance Integration of Simulation and Test
  • OPAL-RT Flying High with the Embraer EMB-170!
  • University of Hull Orders RT-LAB for Real-Time Satellite Data Analysis

From our Downloads Section

  • APEC'02: "Real-Time, PC-Based Simulator of Electric Systems and Drives"
  • "Controlled Reliability" by Paul Baracos

Special Feature

Introducing SYMOFROS: Mechanical Systems Simulation for Real-Time Dynamics Modeling and Control Systems Development

Over the last few years, we have been working with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to develop a new technology for analyzing complex multibody mechanisms, using an innovative symbolic approach to defining the mechanism model.

This technology, SYMOFROS, incorporates all the tools needed to graphically define the mechanism topology, generate the equations of motion, and incorporate the model into a real-time simulator. It has been used successfully by CSA in many projects, such as the Space Shuttle's manipulator, and the Mobile Servicing System for the International Space Station.

Now, we want to put the power of SYMOFROS into your hands.

If you need to analyze the dynamics and kinematics of mechanical systems, such as vehicle suspensions, aircraft landing gear, robotics, and other high-speed, high-precision mechanisms, we'd like to hear from you. Our goal is to fully understand the requirements of engineers who could use such a tool, to help us develop the ideal solution.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the online survey at If you submit this before May 3, 2002, we'll enter your name into a draw to win a Casio QV3000 Digital Camera, worth $599.

Opal-RT News

NI and Opal-RT Advance Integration of Simulation and Test
Opal-RT Technologies Inc. has joined the NI Alliance Program, a network of consultants, systems integrators, and product developers that help bring NI technology to new applications and markets. This new alliance combines Opal-RT products and services that complement NI LabVIEW and NI data acquisition and control hardware to provide solutions that integrate simulation with test for hardware-in-the-loop applications in markets such as automotive and aerospace.

View Full Announcement

OPAL-RT Flying High with the Embraer EMB-170!

The maiden flight for Embraer's new EMB-170 regional jet in February 2002 went off without a hitch, and Opal-RT's technologies were "on board" in their on-ground telemetry station, to perform real-time in-flight, as well as post-flight, processing and analysis of the flight-test data.

RT-LAB was used in conjunction with high-fidelity models of the aircraft flight dynamics and control systems, and DINAMO, a specialized tool for aircraft flight analysis from Opal-RT, was used for configuring the models for controlling simulations and comparing them to flight test data.

The design of the EMB-170, described by Embraer's President, Mauricio Botelho as "the most complex and challenging program we've ever developed", is the first to use fly-by-wire technology (computer-controlled, electrical primary flight controls) on a regional jet, a feature that is used only on advanced military aircraft and large transport jets.

According to a recent communiqué from Embraer, the use of digital modeling and virtual reality "...contributes to the reduction of costs and development cycles, as well as costly and time-consuming changes later in the program". Real-time technologies from Opal-RT have played a role in the success of the design and test stages of the program.

According to Opal-RT's Director of Aerospace Modeling and Simulation Division, Dr. Sergio Cavalcanti, who was present at the first test, "this has been a very exciting time for my team, as well as the design team at Embraer. It demonstrates that RT-LAB and DINAMO can give engineers the performance they need when it matters the most."

For more information about our Aerospace Modeling and Simulation services and products, including DINAMO, particularly with its new Parameter Estimation features, and the new RT-LAB Avionics Test Bench click here.

University of Quebec at Hull Orders RT-LAB for Real-Time Satellite Image Analysis

UQAH recently purchased a Real-Time Simulation System based on RT-LAB in order to achieve the required performance for their Real-Time Spatial Image Analysis Project.

After evaluating many proposed systems from different vendors, UQAH finally chose the Real-Time Simulation System that offered performance, flexibility, and scalability for their distributed geomatic modeling and analysis project.

The system includes RT-LAB with the shared memory option, to be used on a distributed 8 Xeon processor server.

Welcome to the Opal-RT community, UQAH!

Click here for our latest success stories.

From our Downloads Section

This is a new section to the Opal-RT Simulation Newsletter that will highlight the most up-to-date information about real-time simulation technologies, with relevant articles and technical papers available on the Downloads section of our web site.

This requires you to register with us first, which helps us to track what items are of the most interest and who is interested in them. This helps us to ensure that we only provide the information that you are interested in.

If you're not registered, don't worry; the process is simple and FREE. Simply click here to register.

APEC'02: "Real-Time, PC-Based Simulator of Electric Systems and Drives"

A team of our electrical systems simulation experts attended the recent 2002 Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) and participated in the "Modeling, Simulation & Control" technical session. They presented the RT-LAB Electrical Engineering Simulator as a powerful computer-based tool for the real-time simulation and rapid control prototyping of power electronic systems and drives.

If you have already registered, click here to download the presentation.

"Controlled Reliability" by Paul Baracos

This article appeared in the December 2001 issue of Engine Technology International Magazine ( and is now available for download.

"An engineering simulator provides engine design and test engineers with a complete, flexible and scalable solution for dynamic-simulation-based HIL modeling. With real-time 'details' such as timing, I/O interfacing, communication, and numerical precision, you will be free to develop effective testing strategies to build a better car."

If you have already registered, just click here to download.

Your comments on this newsletter are appreciated.

Newsletter Editor

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