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Re-Launching TTY Connection on May 1

From: tty
Subject: Re-Launching TTY Connection on May 1
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 01:11:43

  My name is Brian Faupel, Channel Partner Developer for Live Cam 
Software.  We have started a non-profit, online community for the 
            I would like to invite you in and enjoy yourself by 
meeting many other deaf people from around the world.
            I would also like to have your information on how we 
can improve this because is for you.  Some of 
the items I would like to add are directories for suppliers and a 
white pages section.  I am already adding a discussion group.
This project is sponsored and able to continue because of Live 
Cam Software where their solutions enable the deaf to use 
cellular telephones by signing.  Also Sony-Ericsson for 
developing the P800 cellular telephone with a built in TV screen 
and video camera into a small, light flip phone.

Brian Faupel
Intercontinental Channel Partner Developer
1.973.472.9336 (US)

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