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Re: White background problem

From: Fernando Dobladez
Subject: Re: White background problem
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 14:29:52 -0500
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If you use KDE 2.x, this might be the problem.... KDE tries to change the colors of non-KDE applications to match your KDE settings.

From a previous posting:


In KDE, go to Preferences/Look&Feel/Style, there's a checkbox that says "apply fonts and colors to
non-KDE apps"
If you uncheck that, it should not interfere with your Emacs (you may need to re-start KDE).

But, if you want to keep that feature turned on without interfering with your Emacs, modify the file (search in /usr/share/apps/kdisplay/app-defaults/ That's where you tell
KDE how to set the Xresources to the Emacs application.

I have the following lines commented out so that they don't change my Emacs colors:
!Emacs.default.attributeForeground:    WINDOW_FOREGROUND
!Emacs.default.attributeBackground:    WINDOW_BACKGROUND
!Emacs*Foreground:          WINDOW_FOREGROUND
!Emacs*Background:          WINDOW_BACKGROUND
;Emacs*font:                FIXED_FONT

In this way, KDE still changes the colors/fonts of other applications AND also some things in Emacs (like the Menubar for example, which matches the KDE-menus colors/font).

Good luck!



Klas Nordberg wrote:

Recently, I installed RedHat Linux 7.2 without any major problems, and I
got emacs version 20.7-41 which worked fine.  However, when I later
installed all the rpms related to bug fixes and updates something has
happened to the visual appearance of my emacs.

Previously there was a dark green background color and light yellow
characters. After the updates, the background is the same (dark green)
but all characters (except those in the status line at the bottom) are
displayed in black on white background.

As far as I can see, I did not make any update of emacs after the 7.2
installation, so this problem may be related to other programs or
packages which emacs interacts with.  Since there where ~100 packages
updated, I have no idea where to look.

The last changes in .emacs and .Xdefaults are before emacs worked fine.

Any help/suggestions on how to remove this annoying effect is highly

Klas Nordberg

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